Tenant Landlord Connect


Tenant Landlord Connect

Create sustainable employment for low-income tenants in gentrifying communities by establishing a network for local landlords to hire and offer vocational training to their tenants.


Woodwork, painting, plaster, demolition, and more. Our services might be varied, but they all come with the same promise of quality, dedication, and durability.


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I wanted to invest in the neighborhood I grew up in but I did not know how I would maintain it. TLC gave me the confidence to go ahead and do it because they had my back.
— Alicia - Property Owner
TLC helped me realize my potential.
— Omar - Tenant
They helped me fix an empty apartment and start earning rent quickly.
— Wallace - Property owner
They come and take care of the garbage. I dont have to think about it and dont get any tickets.
— Mike - Property owner



Quality work guaranteed for a year



About Me


As a person who grew up in NYC, I have witnessed my community become so gentrified that many of my friends can no longer afford to stay. When I started investing, I did so to help keep people in their homes, not to rent to the highest bidder or flip properties. Development by outsiders, who do not have a stake in the community is extracting, displaces people of color, and erodes community. TLC connects local tenants and landlords, who historically are in tense relationships with each other. We help increase the number of local landlords, create a sustainable workforce, and improve our community's quality of life.